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Lycon Waxing    
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How it Works.

Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal that works by pulling the hair out from the root, rather than at the surface of the skin as with shaving or the use of  creams, with the result of having the area hair free for between two and six weeks.

The main methods used are that of “Warm Waxing”, where a thin layer of wax is spread over the skin, a cloth or paper strip is then pressed on the top and then ripped off removing the wax along with the hair. The other method is “Hot Waxing” where the wax is applied thickly over the area and the wax then hardens when it cools allowing the removal of the hard wax by the therapist without the use of cloths.

What happens during the treatment?

All clients will be required to fill in a consultation form to ensure that you are suitable for waxing and have no conditions that preclude you from undertaking the treatment. The varying methods of waxing will be explained to you and the area you require waxing will be examined to ensure that the length of hair in that area is sufficient to ensure a successful treatment for your chosen waxing method.  

The area that is to be waxed is cleansed with a pre-waxing lotion to remove any products that may stop the wax sticking to the hair. If the area is to be treated with the hot wax method, a thin layer of pre-waxing oil  is applied to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin. The therapist will then proceed to remove the hair in suitable sized sections until the are is hair free and any missed hairs can be plucked out with a tweezers. The hair removal process requires the area to have the skin pulled taught and you may be asked to change positions during the treatment and to assist the therapist to make the area taught by using your hands to pull parts of your body.

Upon completion of the hair removal, a cleansing lotion is applied to the area to remove any residue that may be there followed by another aftercare lotion to soothe and moisturise the area, and aftercare advise is also given.


We only use the Lycon product range for waxing
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Advantages Of Warm Waxing:

Advantages Of Hot Waxing:

The procedure is much quicker than hot wax.
Larger areas can be waxed at once.
Warm waxing is cheaper than hot waxing.

Hair re-growth is finer.

Hot wax grips hair better than warm wax
It does not leave a sticky residue like warm wax
It is better at removing shorter hairs
Possibly more suited to those with sensitive skin.
There is less reddening on the skin following hot waxing.

Hair re-growth is finer.

Disadvantages Of Warm Waxing:

Disadvantages Of Hot Waxing:

A sticky residue can sometimes be left after   warm waxing.

Skin reaction/irritation is sometimes more severe than that of hot waxing.

Warm waxing is more painfil than hot waxing.

In growing hairs may occur with re-growth.

Hot waxing takes more time than warm wax

Hot waxing is more expensive than warm waxing.

It is difficult to wax large areas at once.

In growing hairs may occur with re-growth.



Some Questions.


Does waxing hurt?

Waxing can be more painful on certain areas of the body than others, will affect different people on different areas of the body and can also feel different to the same person at different times. For more sensitive areas we recommend that only Lycon hot wax and associated products be used because the overall process of this method produces the desired results with far less pain by not adhering to the skin. You can ask for a patch test to be done to test your pain level tolerance.


Should I shave or trim the hair?

Your will need to make sure that the hair is of a suitable length to be waxed. For normal strip waxing the hair length should be at least 5mm in length. The Lycon hot wax and Lycojet wax method can remove hair as short as 1mm depending on the area of the body being waxed.

Your therapist will determine if the hair length is long enough.


I am a male, what if I get aroused?

Don’t worry too much about it. This does happen on occasion and your therapist will just ignore it and get on with the job. Please note however that any inappropriate behaviour or language will result in the therapist stopping the treatment and asking you to leave even if the job is not finished.


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